Message from Sinead

This message has been posted by Sinéad on May 05, 2003:

I am sorry if my original notice seemed rude, it really wasn't meant that way. I was just being honest and sometimes we have to hear things which are hard to hear.
I am more than grateful, of course , for the support of all of you. And for the fact that I can feed my children without having to marry some ugly millionaire with a two inch dick!
The fact that I have 2 children is also why I have not gone after the whole fuckin music thing over the years. I have not wanted to leave my children, nor create anything but a normal life for them. They are more important than fame and money and attention. All that glitters aint gold.
But I am sorry if I offended anyone with what I said about privacy and it being best not to ask celebs for anything if u see them. Thats what I teach my own babies. because it's true. We gave what we can with our records and "behaviours".
If I am sitting in the airport with my son who is off to school and I wont see him for three weeks I'd rather chat with him than have people steal his time with his mother. That's what it boils down to. But I am reffering more to my situation living in Ireland really, and the embarrassment one feels also to be looked at all the time. It's very hard to eat your sloppy spag bol with people lookin at u. Or to be a grumpy cunt like everyone else! Of course there have been great things about being a famous blinkin singer. But it aint all its cracked up to be and I am sorry if that is rude but I gotta be honest.
Anyway I am only retiring becuase I want to go to college to study theology and pastoral care and utilise some other of my talents. i want to run my family and I am too old also, for music biz.
i have enormous problems with my back too, which mean I am kind of physically fucked. Am heading for bent old lady status. And in a lot of pain. Have no energy for music biz. And yeah, if I'm to be hundred per cent honest, its been very exsausting putting up with the amount of abuse I have carried for the last sixteen years! It's tiring. And What for? So other people can make money. Its bullshit. I'd rather starve. Happiness is more important at this time in my life. I'm middle aged, and I've carried a lot. And worked very hard while raising two children and done my bit very much so. My body can't go any further. And I deserve the next thirty six years to be soothing and calming. Having done my bit. So ye all get up now and carry on where we old hags have to leave off. I am sorry if I offended anyone.
Was unintentional.
Lots of love.