Adele sings Sinead's praises

In the new issue of Out magazine Adele talks about Sinead.

In the issue Adele says:

"Even when I was 10 and 11, I knew my mom had brilliant taste in music -- I just wasn’t ready to embrace it,” says Adele. “Now they’re my favorite artists.” She has thought about recording a cover of “Troy,” by Sinéad O’Connor, the first song that ever made her cry, and another favorite of her mom’s, but doubts her ability to deliver it. “As an artist she is everything I would like to be—it’s all about the song," says Adele. "She moves me when I hear her."

Sinead's responds:

'i am very touched that she cried over troy and also that she knows that singing is not about the notes but the emotions. i am really delighted as i love her equally very much. she is wicked, wicked wicked, bad, bad, bad!'