Sinead's Retirement

in a statement sinéad announced her official and permanent retirement from the music business as of july 2003 (see message below).
Message from Sinéad:

Hello Lovelies,

This is a message from sinead. This being a very special anniversary for me, I have chosen it to announce that as of July 2003 I shall be retiring from the music business. In order to pursue a different career.
The last recordings I will make will be (believe it or not) a track for Dolly Parton's upcoming tribute album and a track for sharon Shannon's forthcoming album. These will be recorded in May.
In July I will be releasing a DVD of a live show and documentary featuring tracks from way back along with tracks fom Sean Nos Nua. The DVD will be entitled "Goodnight, thankyou. You've been a lovely audience."
And so ye have.
I wish here to thank everyone who has been a fan and or supporter of mine over the last twenty two years in the music business (first record at 14, deal at 17. Half o first album wrote when 15). As well as all the people whom I have had the honour of working with. Not least the great Dolly Parton herself!
Thanks to all of ye for a great time and a great education.
I would request that as of July, since I seek no longer to be a "famous" person, and instead I wish to live a "normal" life, could people please afford me my privacy. By which I mean I would like not to have exploition of my self or my name or anyone connected with me by newspapers.
I also mean that (with love) I want to be like any other person in the street and not have people say there is Sinead O'Connor. As I am a very shy person, believe it or not. So I ask with love, that I be left in peace and privacy by people who love my records too. And I hope it doesnt sound rude. It aint meant rude. I am glad that ye are helped by my songs. So help me too, by giving me what is best for me, a private life.
My advise to anyone who ever admires a so called "celebrity" if u see them in the street, dont even look at them. If u love them, then the lovingest thing u can do to show them so is leave them alone and don't stare at them! Or bang on restauraunt windows when they in there. Or make them get their picture taken, or write their names on bits of paper. That's pieces of them.
And one day they wake up with nothing left of themselves to give.
Love, peace, and don't 4get to pray y'all.