Sinead defends Shane

Shane Really Opens Up to Crowd...

Rebel Irish singer Shane MacGowan gave his audience a bit more than they could stomach during a show in the Olympia Theatre over the weekend.

The former lead singer with the Pogues was drinking all day ahead of the show and was confined to a wheelchair having broken his leg trying to catch a plane. The legendary rogue had recently been staying with Sinead O'Connor recuperating from the injury.

Poor oul wheelchair bound Shane vomited on the stage during Saturday's midnight at the Olympia show. Apparently he got so drunk that he had to stop singing so he could throw up... Nice!

Shane was given the all clear to go ahead with his tour which included two dates in Dublin's Olympia Theatre - midnight at the Olympia.

On Friday night after his first Olympia show he did some guest DJ'ing in Eamon Dorans with BP Fallon's DeathDublinDisco, other guests included Gavin Friday.

On the flyer promoting the gig it quotes Elvis Costello, "Shane DJ'ing at DDD will either be awful or it'll be brilliant."

Some of the crowd got so incensed from Saturday night's performance that they rang Joe Duffy's Liveline program on RTE Radio1 to complain.

It was so bad that Sinead O'Connor rang in to defend Shane. She said. "He is an angel near the end who needs support, he's too far gone to stop drinking, he has an illness that cannot be cured and as far as I can see the end is near for him."

She also went on to say that "he has reached the stage where he physically can't stop himself from drinking, it's done him too much damage."

The singer has been staying with Sinead O'Connor over the past few weeks.