Sinead shaves away Enya for Moby...

Singing sensation Sinéad O'Connor is back to her old self again, follicley speaking, after failing to get recognised.
Sinéad let her hair grow back over the past few years from her trademark skinhead, but the controversial singer has gone back to her roots, literally.
After the shock of being mistaken for another Irish singer, Enya last week in Lillies Bordello, the singer shaved her head first thing Monday morning.
Speaking to this week Sinead explained why she did it. "I've been trying to let it grow but last week someone came up to me in Lillies and asked me was I Enya. I was so shocked by this that the minute I got up on Monday I shaved all my hair off and now look exactly like I did when I came into the pop business first.
"She went on, "Which is kind of ironic as I have just finished my latest traditional style album which is called "SEA NOS NUA". It is also cool as I have just recorded a song with Moby, who is a fellow skinhead."

29. may 2002 by ShowBiz Ireland news