Concert review of the Roman Theatre in Caeseria

by Yossi Harsonski Maaric, June 14, 1995

Review of Sinead O'Connor at the Roman Theatre in Caeseria)

Sinead O'Connor came on stage yesterday wearing a white blouse, black leather pants, huge star of David as background, and gave one of the most moving concerts ever held at Caesaria. The surprise was the vocal range. What power these cords have, and it's power coming from sensitivity and honesty beyond doubt. She has sad, spine tingling songs, and she moves from style to style without you feeling anything is artificially stuck together. Her performance shows how much she's into the mood of the songs and that's Sinead's strength. The sentiment motivating her vocal cords not only produces high tones but also lowers them to rueful silence. She's fragile and also dramatic and cynical. Sinead of last night sang on her own sentimental scale. If music is a chart of moods, Sinead's concert is a feeling detector which proves she's reached a peak of artistic maturity. Yesterday we heard Sinead the sentimental, the romantic, also the militant. The one who deals with her childhood traumas, who's able to put Irish motifs in rock music, whose every song is more melodious than the previous one. Sinead touches musical essence. Very sentimental, but doesn't give up cynicism and expresses huge pain. This is pure Sinead. No stage gimmicks, no provocations, just her and her art and no singer compares to her.