Elle Interview, November 1995

Lynne Franks interviews Sinead O'Connor for Elle, November 1995.

Typed by Marcel Bobbink

LF: As a mother, what do u feel women want for the future?

SO: If I had spoken at the Beijing conference, I would have said that women want to be adequately represented in government, in churches, in education, within the media, within industry.. When we say "adequately", we want it to be understood that we mean "equally". We want to be given positions of power, through which we can help make life happier for the children of the world. We want to be allowed to make decisions and choices about our destinies, and those of our children. We want other people to stop making those choices for us. We want to be allowed to control our own lives. We want to be paid equally to men.

LF: What exactly do you mean by "adequately"?

SO: Adequately, for me personally, means we want to see all kinds of woemen represented in the various areas - young, old, thin fat, pierced-nosed, blue-rinsed, with mohicans, gay, straight, black, white, green, orange and blue. Not just one kind of woman. We want all women to be recognised.

LF: What do u think women want from men?

SO: We want the men of the world to become more responsible in their role as fathers. We want those men who hold positions of power within the public arena, to become more responsible and recognise themselves as father figures to the world. We want them to help us get rid of every singel facet of violence which exists in this world. We want all violence eradicated. We do not want its use condoned by the leaders of the world any longer. We did not go through the pain of childbairing so that men could kill our children with war. We want the father figures of the world to stop the war.

LF: If you were asked to write a letter to the religious leaders of the world, what would you write?

SO: I would write that we want the so=called "representatives of God" on earth to get the job done. We want you to get onto the streets and do what Jesus Christe would have done -condmen war, beg forgiveness, beg the children of the wold to forgive you because you have neglected their souls. All religious hierarchy. What women want is for you to get the job done. For if you don't, then we will have to and our will be very sorry that you didn't listen to the women of the world. We will not let you lie to our children any longer. Stop all this rubbish about God being a man, for a start. Which one of you ever saw God? Not one, or you would not be here to tell the tale. Tell the children of the world the truth, all religious leaders, that God has not a body, but is a principle. That God is neither male nor female but s just a word that we have used to describe something which religious leaders should know has no name. The indecribable cannot be described with words. Tell the children of the world the truth. All war is supposedly in Gods name. How ignorant is this? To kill in Gods name, so that people can no longer believe that there is a God? For they say: How can there be a God who would do all this to us, who could let all of this happen and do nothing to help us? Tell the children of the world the truth. All patriarchal leaders. That it was not God who made all this violence, but that it was man, and that therefore man can stop it. Bring the children of the world to truth. Bring back feminine principle. Become mothers - all religious leaders - to the children of the world. Women feel that you have not represented God accurately. In our understanding, God is simply the principle of unconditional love. What women want is not to be shut our any longer. Religious hierarchy, you no longer - and never did have - the right to keep us from ministering to the needs of humanity as mother figures, as sacred as you. Who can prove that Jesus did not have female disciples? Or, indeed, a wife and children? And since nothing is hidden which will not be revealed, one day the children of the world will know the truth, whether you like it or not. What we want, the women of the world, is for patriarchy to get out of our way.