The Lollapalooza Online-Interview 1995

Sinead O'Connor
The Lollapalooza Online-Interview

Wed. June 28, 1995 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM CST

kevin: hi sinead

sinead: Why do you pity me? Erick: hiya frappuccino: Hi sinead! Barbarella: hi sinead whereisshe: hey sinead thepope: hi sinead

sinead: Hi sinead who: [Channel 1] sinead | | mobster: hello sinead

sinead: Hi LikeButter is speechless shaggy: greetings!! Erick: hey Tori: hi Sinead

sinead: Hi jeff: hi karen: What are you singing at lollas astarte: we don't pity you we love you kevin: how are you ? Ed: Sinead, next interview, please do on IRC... Tigger: hi sinead! my wife and i both really love your music! Erick: how are you?

sinead: Thanyou for loving me Synapse: What music do you listen to? Jezebel: Why did you beat up the photographers? Were they pestering you? huggybear: hi huggybear Toddler bows deeply before sinead. Erick: thanx for singing frappuccino: Are you working on a new album? doberman has a question for sinead at her convienence Barbarella: why did you decide to do this years lollapalooza instead of a tour of your own? thepope: ???? Toddler: thank you for being what you are, sinead :) M1GIRL: ask the question doberman

sinead: I did not "beat them up" or "break" ANY cxameras whereisshe: what happened in israel LikeButter thanks Sinead just be being and coming out mobster: Sinead...I'm a DJ in the states...Why are you tourning with lolla. Erick: you should have doberman: do you believe in god? thepope: is this your first time on the net?

sinead: NotI TRIED to braeak them, but did not succeed. Ed: Sinead, what mix of music can we expect from you at Lolla? Erick: well, good try anyway. Maybe next time Toddler: do you plan to tour in europe in any near future? Toddler begs.

sinead: I`d they were pestering me because they are greedy and mystifeied frappuccino: one question at a time please... Tigger: sinead... who is the biggest influence on your music? Erick: they're vultures

sinead: I dont think its a good idea to bash people though Erick: yeah, I agree thepope asks 10 questions Tigger grins at Sinead. kevin: I don't think she can type 60 words per minute...slow the quistins down... Toddler frowns at thepope.

sinead: but I was being cornered like an animal in the churches I went into, and the shophps thepope: #1 is this your frist time on the net LikeButter: Sinead r u happy??? HNN: How did you enjoy singing with Van Morrison on the Letterman show? Tigger: kind like on here? mobster: Does it bother you that people haven't forgotten about the incident on Saturday Night LIve on NBC? LikeButter: Silly question I know LikeButter: but...

sinead: Yes I am "happy" LikeButter: why? karen: music at lolla? M1GIRL: why do you put quotes around "happy"? Erick: "happy", I sense a note of sarcasm Tori: Sinead.... Why did you choose to do your only interview here? frappuccino: so are you working on anything now?

sinead: No Iit delights me that people have not forgotten saturday night live sff: whats w/ the little earphone? =+= Barbarella is now known as spacey =+=

sinead: I am very proud of what I di d to survive whereisshe: why Erick: I think people might under stand your reason for doing what you did now LikeButter: how can we forget SNL sunny: What were you saying on Saturday night live? shaggy: i am planning on visiting ireland next summer .any suggestions on where to go mobster: Why do you say that? Do you like to stir up controversay? LikeButter: We (or I) was cheering you on! =+= monkeyinafewmoments has left the diner =+= mal: are youlooking forward to performing with the jesus lizard and sonic y and hoele and everyone else =+= HStern has left the diner =+=

sinead: Will you al slow down a little pleas? Because Its going too fast for me to read spacey:

sinead: why did you decide to do lollapalooza instead of a tour of your own? Erick: this thing should have been moderated M1GIRL: it is LikeButter looks sternly at erick M1GIRL: not being moderated Erick: sorry

sinead: No I dont like to stir up controversy, I dont like being beaten up, but i did what I did to try to help people thepope raises his hand

sinead: I love people, and I do not mean to offend them. mobster: Could you extrapilate a little more?

sinead: Well, I have been growing up in public. karen: Sinead, you ahve hepled me thru your music

sinead: And I WAS quite angry Ed: Will your music for O Lolla be new material or a mix of older stuff too?

sinead: And I had very good reason to be mal: what makes you so agnry

sinead: and I had to express it. spacey: why is that? Squidly: how is the kiddo? Erick: I can undersatnd that

sinead: And I did so in a NON violent way. By tearing the picture shaggy: we feel your pain sinead frappuccino: I'll give you a hug now if I'm there... :) =+= thepope is now known as gagged =+= kevin: I haven't heard about what b..happened...but will someone tell me after sinead hads laft? LikeButter: yes, me too, I write poems to express my anger... Erick: I think a lot of people didn't under sstand that

sinead: What made me angry was the abuse I sugffered as a child and the fact that my family was in denial missi: ok folks i am back i actually do my job

sinead: I had to SAY myself iin order to recover LikeButter looks sternly at missi gagged: but so did we all... why are you different? huggybear: the church is an overwhelming force

sinead: I need to piuke astarte: i think what you did was what manyshow what many woman felt and were afriad to express, especially catholic women like myself.

sinead: Metaphorically speaking LikeButter: phew frappuccino: *grin* Tigger giggles... mobster: I almost took a quick step back their! mal: what makes you happy

sinead: And I am sorry if some of it splashed on someones shoes. =+= gagged is now known as bozak =+= Toddler giggles.

sinead: But I could not keep it in Erick: are you OK?

sinead: And LIVE. kevin wipes his shoe with a moose Toddler comforts sinead. Tigger rolls on the floor laughing... mlGraff: LOL missi: why are you looking at me sternly likebutter what th4e fucj excuse my mispelling..fuck did i do

sinead: AS a consequence of letting my feelings out, yes I am now "happy bozak: are you more of a messenger or a musician? LikeButter wants to know if Sinead will be in L.A. soon... if so he would like to show her around. :-) mobster: Have you gotten flack from any of the other artists who will be touring with you at lolla? M1GIRL: who would you most like to jam with on lollapalooza? sff: ya still bald? shaggy: how are your kids?bringing them on tour?

sinead: You cannot separate the dancer form the dance mal: what do you think makes your fans happy frappuccino: SLOW DOWN!

sinead: Or the singer from the song kevin: who are you looking forward to most ...ermm......nevermind Erick: that's beautiful Tigger:

sinead: if i may ask... what other performer has been the biggest influence on your own music? LikeButter: of course it's beautiful LikeButter: :-)

sinead: Bob Marley has been the biggest influnce in my life astarte: do you feel like a strong person? Steve: Do you still feel the same about Mike Tyson? (Rolling Stone Interview) whereisshe: jah live doberman: yes marley!

sinead: Yes, I am very strong Ed: People, one person ask a question, let sinead answer (or decline it), wait for her to say "OO" or something denoting she's done, and then move on... I'm sure things are just scrolling right by... whereisshe: i and i must survive Erick: It shows

sinead: Surviving child abuse makes you strong Tigger: any particular songs of his or just in general... sff: what do ya think of howard stern???? bozak: do you see a place for pot in the music world?

sinead: Yes I. twowheeler: So have you vented all your anger? Are you now ready to entertain rather than incite? bozak: (speaking of marley)

sinead: Ja Rasta fuckin` farai bozak: haha Erick: YEAH kevin smiles m1boy: :) LikeButter: Would you ever stop singing in public??

sinead: Well, I was not inciting anyone. frappuccino: So how's the press here been treating you? whereisshe: haile sellasie I the firsr ever living ever sure Tigger: dig it!

sinead: If your feelings were roused, it was by YOU and not me. bozak passes sinead a spliff....

sinead: If you were incited, It was not by me M1GIRL: will you come back on the net during the summer? or ever? Erick: you rouse our feeling well karen: yes you do

sinead: Yes I will come back karen: when??? Tigger nods in agreement. LikeButter: thank you Toddler: cool

sinead: I only mean to rouse liove mlGraff:

sinead: what two people (living or dead) would you most like to meet?

sinead: the two people (living or dead) you would most like to meet? huggybear: are you leaving? sff: who s playin guiteguitar 4 ya?

sinead: I am sorry if I have offended anyone. Erick: yer doin a good job, in my opinion Jezebel: will you play anything from Lion and the cobra on the lolla tour? astarte: you've never offended me karen: No you havne't

sinead: I am ready to sing yes. Tigger: no waay! karen: what are you singing? mobster: Sinead...have you gotten flack from any of the other artists who will be touring with you at lolla? whereisshe: i wasn't in to you but now i have found the common connection of marley .

sinead: Universal mother and I do not want. M1GIRL: t's a good way to reach a lot of people. bozak: what does the material you are working on now sound like (old sinead or new :) ? frappuccino: How about Lion???!! karen: why not liion and the cobra? sff: who's youre favorite new band? doberman:

sinead: have you ever met love yet?

sinead: The new material sounds ver y JOYOUS as a matter of fact kevin: what song of your s are you most proud ouf? Erick: COOL karen: oh but I love troy frappuccino: Please do "TROY"! bozak smiles...

sinead: HOLe are my favorite new band Toddler nods at karen, me too jeff: and jackie.. LikeButter: Sinead what would disgust you so much that u would stop singing publically?? sff: cool mal: have you met courtney?

sinead: And I like l 7L7 spacey: good choice sinead Erick: how about that Beck guy? Tori: @-->-- Sinead.... why did you choose to do Lolla instead of touring alone?

sinead: Thanks astarte: what do you think of r.e.m.? sff: Lz7 spacey: you like L7 too??? I'm so impressed Erick: u2

sinead: Nothing would make me stop singing

sinead: why would you li8ke me to? whereisshe: ever think of covering a marley song? frappuccino: Thank goodness! sff: ya like TOOL? LikeButter thanks Sinead for coming and apologizes for asking silly questions karen: we wouldn't!!

sinead: I have covered WAR the marley song kevin: what about better than ezra...they're a relatively new band to the public and they're from new orleans too..=) Erick: If you keep singin, we'll keep listening karen: if you could sing right now, what would you sing? whereisshe: on what albulm? Jezebel: Have you met Courtney? Do you get along?

sinead: Thankyou. I only want to sing. not cause trouble. =+= shaggy has left the diner =+= karen: what wouls you sing now?

sinead: I have never met her, but Id like to and I have a lot of feeling for her

sinead: I hope to become her friend karen: sing a song frappuccino: she has gone thru' a lot lately.. hillary: courtney sucks!!!! LikeButter looks sternly at hillary Erick: she seems a little kooky, not that that's a bad thing spacey: she is just as talented hillary: oh shut up likebutter

sinead: Porr Courtney, has been through that which you probably cannot imagine hillary: true but she doesnt kno how to handle it Toddler nods at sinead. karen: what song would you sing to courtney?

sinead: And it is a shame that people make money from her suffering Tori: Poor Cortneys daughter, never mind Courtney Squidly: Maybe, but taht doesnt excuse her inability to relate to the world on a normal level frappuccino: I guess you can understand the very well... Erick: no kiidin astarte: i like the rendition of "all apologies" you did

sinead: I wout singg... "Petit poulet, hillary: courtney never should have been a mother sff: people die................thats the deal................... Neeblefitz: Do you thinkthat singing helps courtney aas much as you? Squidly: If she needs help, she should get it

sinead: tout sans, c`est ok

sinead: Mantenaint bebe Toddler: i think someone who hasnt lived through something like that shouldnt judge her... spacey: you two probably have a lot in common in reagards to treatment by tthe press Erick: huh?

sinead: tout sans c`est ok, Erick: what does that mean

sinead: The life you left LikeButter wants Sinead to know that no matter what other people do and say, that we love her

sinead: behind wont find you Erick: oh, thanx

sinead: the love you kept

sinead: inside will come hillary: likebutter your nose is getting brown!! doberman sends positive good vibes to the channel

sinead: and even whaen bozak gets all hot when sinead speaks French :)\

sinead: your own heart blinds you

sinead: nothing unoes the work youve done sff: whos playin guitar 4 ya?

sinead: the susns still in the sky Toddler gets all hot when sinead speaks whatever :)

sinead: the moon is ther at night Tigger: shhhh...she's reciting, dude. Erick: cool off, ok?

sinead: the grounds still underfoot,

sinead: and still holds you mal: is this a new song? whereisshe: shutup guys she is singing through her fingers

sinead: Petit poulet sunny: let her finish

sinead: tout sans c`est ok

sinead: Mantenant bebe

sinead: toutsans c`est ok" mlGraff: "little chicken"?!?!?!..uhh...ok

sinead: Which is a song of mine LikeButter: thanks LikeButter: :-) karen: thanks a lot whereisshe: cool frappuccino: Bravimo Tigger: wow.....

sinead: which I made to sooth hurt babies bozak wonders if Sinead ever busts loose and acts silly??? Toddler claps. mobster: Anyone at lolla. react strongly to you being their? karen: what is it calkled Tigger: dit THAT! mlGraff wants to hear sinead tell a joke Tigger: er... dig THAT!

sinead: Petit poult means little chicken, which we i n Ireland call our babies Squidly: Speaking of babies, How is your son (realize he isnt a baby anymore)

sinead: Little chicckies sff: whats your biggest vice?????? Erick: that was a beautiful song, sinead karen: I agree Tigger: gorgeous... whereisshe: same here karen: how's Jake?

sinead: Whats blue and fucks grannys? Tigger: what?

sinead: Hypothermisa

sinead: Sorry Toddler: how old is he (your son)? Synapse: hahaha bozak has three people thumping out the funkky drummer on the desk.... Toddler grins.

sinead: Thats my joke Erick: HAHAHAHAAHAHA sff: hahaha mlGraff: hehehehehehe frappuccino: hahahah mal: godlike mlGraff is impressed LikeButter smirks

sinead: My son is eight Erick: I don't get it bozak: hahaha (cough) Tigger rolls on the floor laughing... mobster: What's his name? frappuccino: Jake! karen: Jake! LikeButter resists the urge to tell a joke astarte: is he coming on tour with you?

sinead: Jake Joseph ReynoldsPlease do tell a joke like buibutter karen: will you sing my special child? Toddler: does he sing too?

sinead: Does anyone have irc? mobster: Anyone at lolla. react strongly to you being on the tour? bozak: my friend Isobel is dying to know how old you are now??? Tigger: sinead... would you say hello to my wife lan... she's a BIG fan of yours... Erick: yes Jezebel: i do sff: y mlGraff: yes

sinead: I am 28 LikeButter: It will take to long :-( mobster: y Ed: sinead, yes, irc please! frappuccino: no spacey: i have IRC doberman:

sinead: yes were on #sinead Tori: no irc bozak bows karen: no irc! Erick: I'm 21 myself Synapse: how has parenting changed your life bozak: who cares spacey: what about IRC???

sinead: I am movintg to the undernet

sinead: on m1boy: YOU ARE WELCOME TO IRC TO LOLLAPALOOZA.COM TEMPORARILY. Toddler: i dont :( Toddler sniffs sadly. Ed: Sinead, please consider coming to #sinead on IRC after this interview... karen: goodbye, sinead Erick: Cool! karen: see you at lolla Erick: I'll be there doberman: sined: undernet what channel sinead? thanks! frappuccino: Bye sinead! See you soon!

sinead: channell #Channel Steve: You'd be kooky too probably after that, Ed.Sinead I think your age was mistyped in USA today newspaper Erick: see you in Austin TX LikeButter: Thanks Sinead

sinead: Sinead Ed: sinead, what chennel? bozak reminds sinead to look for the bald guy in the audience mal: dallas doberman: okay sff: shine your head 4 a quarter Toddler gives a trunkful of most beautiful flowers to sinead. karen: hey frapp

sinead: channel #sinead frappuccino: hey! Synapse kisses sinead goodbye karen: that was cool!

sinead: kissy kissy frappuccino: that was! jeff: Thanks for singing sinead... sunny: do this again karen: we love you in indiana Tigger: ccool... =+= kevin has left the diner =+= mobster: Are you now going to irc?

sinead: sweet dreams frappuccino: I really can't wait to see her! Tori: see you in Barrie! sff: later missi: thankssinead i am in awe!!! frappuccino: in AUSTIN!! Toddler thanks sinead heartily for this interview. Tigger: bye sinead! mal: DALLAS! huggybear: say bye huggybear, Sinead =+= sunny has left the diner =+= Toddler: bye, hope to see you again, sinead astarte: thank you sinead, we adore you M1GIRL: you have the raddest hair in rock mobster: Do you expect any problems on the tour from fans? whereisshe: cool r whereisshe: cool runnings

sinead: No I do not attract hatred because I dont hate karen: sweet dreams, sweet songs Toddler: you still didnt answer my question about touring in europe, though, any plans? Tigger: are you going to the IRC?

sinead: Or I try not to anyway

sinead: Sometimes, I fuck up though mobster: Did anyone react strongly to you being on the tour...other groups...

sinead: No frappuccino: everyone fuck up sometimes... huggybear: you must hate some people in your life m1boy: If you are going to irc you are welcome to privatly use LOLLAPALOOZA.COM as a server.

sinead: Yes indeedy!

sinead: Ah no LikeButter: To this day Sinead, I can't stand Frank Sinatra!! spacey: how can we get to irc form here? Tigger is confused...

sinead: Some i am dissappointed with, otr angry with mobster: What message would you like to give not just my veiwers...but all the other people who watch and listen to what artists have to say? Toddler: hmm, gets kinda confusing...

sinead: but I dont hate them huggybear: you feel for them

sinead: And would not be angry if I did not love them =+= Steve has left the diner =+= karen: your music has touched me, sinead! Synapse pins a smiley face pin on sinead sff: needs a drinjk Tigger: what do we login as on IRC?

sinead: The message I would like to give is FAITH. karen: you have succeeded

sinead: To have FAITH missi: sinead what is your best advice to someone on life in general? huggybear: Faith in what? astarte: faith in what?

sinead: To have faith Erick: are you still Christian, if that's not too personal =+= hillary has left the diner =+= sff: shit happens...................fuck it

sinead: That there is a `god` up in `heaven` who responds to the human voice Synapse: have you ever faked an orgasm, if thats not too personal frappuccino: I agree! mobster: What about another album? Any thing you can give us on when a new one might be coming out or anything like that?

sinead: Mind you, sometimes the answer is fuck off! Toddler: but if theres a good god, why did he make the world the way it is now?= :( huggybear: and the human suffering? bozak: this is toooo deep

sinead: Yes I have faked many orgasms. doberman:

sinead: thanks i thought you ignored my question :) Erick: I noticed some refernces on Universal mother album book that mentioned things like The Cup and The couldren karen: we did, toddler bozak: thats better Synapse: kewl Tigger: goodbye Sinead... I have to go now... frappuccino: I don't believe god is here to make everyone happy! Erick: Thsese sound like pagan refernces

sinead: Yes, the chalice and the blade

sinead: I reccomend you read Tigger: by all!

sinead: This book by MARGARET STARBIRD] M1GIRL: are you reading anythign right now? bozak: so what do u like to listen too?

sinead: called THE WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER JAR mobster: Wjho are some of your favorite authors?

sinead: subtitled, Mary magdalene and the lost grail heresy Erick: OK, I'll do that. Thanx sff: so what your sayinis................your not gonna be a pain in the ass anymore

sinead: Its an American book LikeButter: I was supposed to meet my girlfriend for dinner about an hour ago, I'll get chewed out but it will have been worth it. Thanks for coming Sinead. I gotta go, see you next time.

sinead: And my FAVE, along with THE MISTS OF AVALON

sinead: by Maran zimmer bradley Erick: do you know there is a e-mail mailing list dedicated to you? =+= Tigger has left the diner =+= LikeButter: Bye all, keep believing frappuccino: Where?

sinead: sorry, thats MARIAN =+= LikeButter has left the diner =+= Toddler: there is one - JITR bozak: and music,,,,what do u listen too?

sinead: I listen to everything Squidly: I believe I read that in elementary school, good book

sinead: I like Ella Fitzgerald bozak: whats the last record u play

sinead: And Bob Marley bozak: played? missi: sinead- if you could change anything in your life past or present what would that be frappuccino: like Elle too! sff: u gotta hate something.......................what?????

sinead: And RASTA music in general

sinead: Thats my fave doberman: RASTA KEWL :)

sinead: I would not change nuthin` huggybear: what does Rasta do for ya? karen: when did you write troy? frappuccino: Glad you are not! Erick: what Bob Marley album do you recommend for someone who's never listened to him before

sinead: Rasta believes and SEES whereisshe: see sunsplash this year. there will be some irie riddims

sinead: that god is present bozak: oic (o)-(o)

sinead: in every living conversation

sinead: and evry man and woman

sinead: That god is always present bozak: and in every joint Erick: how about us non-believers?

sinead: in EVERYTHING huggybear: i guess you see it better than i do

sinead: No not in every joint bozak: not? bozak: i thougt so

sinead: I do not encourage the use of drugs bozak: pot is not a drug mobster: What's the biggest thrill for you when you do tour? bozak: its a plant

sinead: I gHAve of course smoked myself sff: do ya discourage......

sinead: But it does fuck you up Erick: me either, I've treid em and they're over rated bozak: does not

sinead: if you do it a lot frappuccino: I agree! Toddler: did it become a problem for you?

sinead: Not good bozak: maybe for u sff: u never

sinead: Yes it did become a real problem actually karen: when? Ed: Everyone , IRC, undernet... for example, use regular irc and do a /server

sinead: Only cannabis though huggybear: does it enhance creativity? bozak: i am older than u and have no problems Toddler: how did you get over it then? or did you? m1boy: use /server frappuccino: But have you actuallty wriiten any songs using POT?

sinead: I hsahave tried acid once

sinead: and ecstacy bozak: those are drugs astarte: ecstacy's nice eh?

sinead: and I learned a lot

sinead: But what I learned karen: about what? mobster: Do you think people knowing this it will damage your image?

sinead: Is that they are evil drugs sff: acid takes a chunk of your mind away frappuccino: Bravo Sinead! Synapse: EVIL?!? Squidly: Nothing is inherently evil sff: missin a few pieces myself

sinead: Because they didtort your I dont believe the truth can damage me no

sinead: I have specificall said] frappuccino: if you use it for the wrong reasons...

sinead: That I do not encourage the use of ANY drug Erick: I think drugs cause far more pain than pleasure astarte: do you go to raves? Neeblefitz: What about the shamen and their use of drugs?

sinead: and that includes alchohol huggybear: but who does? whereisshe: easy skanking bozak: alchohol is worse than pot Toddler: and nicotin? sff: its all about self control............... bozak: so why is it leagal Erick: alcohol is bad

sinead: Yes easy skanking bozak: and pot isnt

sinead: But "nothing in excess"

sinead: And nothing not natural Erick: pot isn't as addictive a alcohol bozak: right zino: doberman rules.

sinead: Chemical drugs is the devils playgroung Synapse: What is the most exciting thing youve ever done? sff: makes ya lazy missi: since you do not condone any of these bad things wha is your weakness? =+= RaoulDuke has left the diner =+= Toddler thinks one should try everything, but not let it get control of u. zino falls do