Lollapalooza Online Press Conference 1995

Sinead O'Connor Online Press Conference June 28, 1995


Sinead: I'm doing very well, I'm scared a bit now though, yes I'm working on a new few albums, and I am most looking forward to meeting Courtney Love. Whom I love.

leah: Have you ever done anything like this on the internet before?

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joenews: what was going on with Shane and Van at your last television appearances

leah: What are you "scared a bit now" about?

whatdoyouloveaboutco: kmo:what do you love about Courtney?

Sinead: I want to use my life, and my experience, and my voice and my songs, to SOOTHE firstly myself, and then the other people like me, that's all. I only want to live.

art: Who's listening to your music? Who do you see as your fans?

Sinead: I'm scared about doing this, in case I say something I'll get beaten up for.

M1GIRL: how do you feel about doing Lollapalooza?

leah: No beatings we promise!

joenews: Have you truly given up pot and/or Catholicism?

art: Do you feel like you're running from your past? i.e. your criticised SNL appearance?

Sinead: Art, I see that my fans are people like me, who need soothing, mothering. People who were very hurt when they were children, and are seeking to get themselves back.

leah: Will you be performing any unreleased songs at Lall.....?

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Sinead: I have only ever, believed in CHRISTIANITY, which I see as something different entirely from Catholicism, or ANY "ism". I believe in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

m1girl: How is Christianity different from any other "ism"?

joenews: So there is no symbology behind the star on "Universal"?

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Sinead: I do not believe in ISMs or ISTs One god, one love.

leah: Music question- what have you been listening to lately?

m1girl: Are you collaborating with any musicians now or see yourself doing so in the future?

sun: If life has been a trauma? How have you saved yourself?

subcyb: Sinead is typing herself and it's a bit slow, so can you wait for answers?

leah: Of course...

sun: ditto

Sinead: Yes, there Is symbology on the Star on Universal Mother. It is an ancient Judaic symbol. They represent what is known as "the sacred Marriage". The dot on the right hand tip symbolises the presence of "God". It means basically, that when the masculine and feminine principles are united lines within humankind, we will be able to live in peace and love. The feminine principle has been lost in the world for a very long time, and the masculine has been too much in control. Masculine is the principle of war.

sun: How do you think we can regain bifocal vision?

art: Do you regret tearing up the Pope's picture on SNL? How have you changed since then?

joenews: Are you any closer to reaching this sort of peace with your family?

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m1girl: Do you feel the feminine principle is coming back?

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Sinead: The feminine principle, however, IS making a comeback, and union is inevitable.

Sinead: No I do not at all regret tearing up the popes picture.

m1girl: Does the feminine principle make itself felt only in union?

sun: Sinead.. My editor asks, where do you like to eat in Vancouver?

Sinead: It was not meant as a PERSONAL attack on the MAN, but rather the OFFICE.

m1girl: Who runs the office?

art: What do you want people to think of you and your work?

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Sinead: Recently, the Irish government actually collapsed over the issue of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE WITHIN THE CHURCH.

subcyb: Please no Smash Hits questions!

leah: Does anybody want to talk about her MUSIC???

Sinead: I did not either, intent my action, of which I am most PROUD, as an attack on catholic people. I did it actually out of love for those people. I am Irish. I have grown up in a small country, very far away from America, and we have been suffering for many years, in poverty almost 900, to be exact, from the terrible effects of the catholic Church's presence, which has always been a violent one, in our country. It IS the DUTY of ALL laty people, to question the church's silence on the issues of child sexual and physical abuse throughout the world. And THIS IS FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHURCH.

art: Have your ac--- Is it important to have commercial success?

joenews: Have you considered (similar to George Michael) leaving your current contract at EMI?

Sinead: I took the action which I believe the pope would take himself, if he had the power to. The church IS needing to tear itself apart in order to get better. And not having the faith THEMSELVES, is God, and forgiveness. They are afraid to speak, understandably. So we must do it for them. I did what I did out of love for my family , and my place of birth.

leah: Do you think the Pope will be at Lollapalooza. Who do you think he would most enjoy?

m1girl: how will you use your lollapalooza performance to get this message across to your fans?

Sinead: I bet he WISHES he could go! The poor man. I bet he'd enjoy having a wife.

art: Are you still planning on getting married?

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GrandRapidsPress: How was working with Shane MacGowan and Van Morrison?

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Sinead: Y`know, it is only recently in the history of the church that celibacy was enforced. The churches silence in Ireland, and elsewhere on the issue of abuse, is because it threatens the very foundation on which it has been built. CELIBACY> IT DOESN'T WORK.

leah: What can you tell us about your new songs?

joenews: How do you think Famine will be received as a single?

Sinead: The issue is up for debate in Ireland at this very minute. The proof that it doesn't work, is the existence of child abuse, not to mention hetero, and homosexual relationships.

Howhavedidyougetyour: were you abused?

Sinead: Women are gonna have to be let back into the papal be, if the church is to survive, which it WILL

because it Will let us in

and every woman wants to marry a priest doesn't she?

leah: What do you mean? Would you please explain? Never mind, I would rather hear about your MUSIC?!!

Sinead: They are quite sexy, some of them.

Howhavedidyougetyour: Wouldn't it be easier to recreate a religious form from scratch instead of tearing down so much bullshit?

Sinead: Jesus is a pretty fuckin` sexy dude!

joenews: It must be the robes.

Sinead: Ok what about my music? It is for mothering.

Howhavedidyougetyour: So you love Jesus... in a sex/spiritual way?

m1girl: why did you decide to do Lollapalooza?

leah: Do the new songs continue along the same lines as your recent records or are you looking for a radical departure?

Sinead: If you want to know about my music, the best thing to do would be listen to it.

Howhavedidyougetyour: What about Mohammed?

Sinead: This is a different medium afterall.


art: Is commercial success a goal of yours with the new album? if not, why not?

Sinead: My aim is to soothe. And to make a living.

leah: When will we hear the new album? On tour...?

joenews: did you forgo touring to be with

joenews: your son, previously?

Sinead: I am happy to simply make enough to live on. I want to sing. I am happy to have people to sing to. I like singing, that's all. And if I didn't do it Id be even crazier than I am already!

GrandRapidsPress: how is the new album about mothering?

Howhavedidyougetyour: To soothe? how do you figure that one?

m1girl: Are you going to be collaborating with any other artists?

Howhavedidyougetyour: Do you think singing is an act of divinity?

Sinead: I see sex and singing both as acts of divinity.

joenews: How are you feeling lately?

m1girl: are you reading any books right now?

Howhavedidyougetyour: isn't that contrary to the NT... sex as pious?

Sinead: The album is about mothering, by virtue really of the SOUND of it. And I wrote the songs to soothe myself through a terrible time. So its about mothering myself. It's about trying to summon my own INNER mother. It is mostly though, to do with how I have chosen to use my voice. Quietly, instead of angrily

leah: What have you been listening to lately?

m1girl: Is there anything people should actively do to bring the feminine principle into the world?

leah: Do you still consider Universal Mother your new album? I was wondering about any new songs you might be working on?

Howhavedidyougetyour: With such a strong concept of "mother" -- there seems to be a lapse between your notion of a sexually appealing Christ in a male form and the all-giving nurturer -- which is female. Is there no synthesis of both for you?

Sinead: I recognise that humanity needs mothering. This I CAN only recognise, because I needed it myself.

leah: What do you think about Cypress Hill? Are looking forward to meeting them on the tour?

Howhavedidyougetyour: So who needs the male God?

GrandRapidsPress: Have you taken the ideas about mothering from Mary Daly at all?

joenews: How large will your backing band be, if any?

Sinead: I believe that Christ was a man, and therefore sexy.

art: What's the best/worst thing about touring, especially in the states where your views have been so widely attacked? (or misinterpreted)

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m1girl: Who has influenced you musically in the past few years?

Howhavedidyougetyour: In another time, would you have been a saint?

Sinead: I have not ONLY been attacked, I have also a lot of support, the media just need to sell papers, and they don't reflect public opinion accurately. For to do so would be to lose the week's rent, since shit sells better than love. I have a lot of support, far more of it that hatred. I am a nice girl Y`know, when you get to know me.

GrandRapidsPress: Looking forward to anything about Lollapalooza?

Howhavedidyougetyour: WHERE do you go when you are on stage? In your mind, I mean....?

Sinead: I therefore have nothing to fear, because I mean no harm to aNYONE AND I AM ONLY TRYING TO LOVE AND HELP MYSELF AND OTHERS.


Howhavedidyougetyour: St. Sinead... sounds good.

her: having seen a good deal of your e-mail on the Lollapalooza site, it's very true -- you do have a lot of support from PEOPLE

joenews: Were you disappointed at not getting to portray Joan of Arc



leah: Will you play guitar on the tour?

her: how would you like to see Lollapalooza help you get your message out there?


joenews: thank you

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