listen to a live version of Troy 2008

There is a great live version of "Troy" performed live at Night Of The Proms on Oct 24th 2008.



Here is also a message from Sinead:

'so, the night of the proms shows began in antwerp, belgium, on the 
23rd of october in a huge venue called the sportspaleis.      16,000 
capacity which, of course, made me very nervous.    that was on top 
of the nerves i was feeling because i was singing troy from the lion 
and the cobra for the first time in twenty years.    i had two days 
of rehearsals with a full orchestra and everybody, robert the 
conductor, franck, the orchestrator, and jan, producer/promotor, of 
the proms were all very encouraging and enthusiastic and that gave me 
some confidence.     anyway, there should be a version of troy from 
the second night for you to hear on the site.    i also sang dark i 
am yet lovely, or solomon, as i call it, from theology and nothing 
compares 2 U, both with the orchestra.      the crowds seemed to like 
all three and i actually really enjoyed singing them, especially 
troy, cos its been so long and i am a different person now, 
obviously.    another highlight of the proms for me was the fact that 
there were members of the harlem gospel choir performing also and i 
was totally amazed by their voices and by some of the solos they 
did.     its very humbling to be singing on the same show as them.    
antwerp itself has some lovely buildings and i went for a stroll 
around the museum of beautiful art and saw some nice work.     not an 
awful lot to do in the city so i have been catching up on some tv 
documentaries as well as keeping up to date on the us election.'