Sinead and Robert Downey Jr. recorded a new song

SINEAD O' CONNOR and ROBERT DOWNEY JR have teamed up to put one of JIM MORRISON's poems to music as part of a new anti -nuclear protest album. The odd couple join Sting , Jonathan Davis, Serj Tankian and Yes star Jon Anderson, among others for benefit album Prayer Cycle 2: Path to Zero. Their track, Fallout, which also features System of a Down star Tankian, was penned by tragic Morrison before his death in 1971. Project co -ordinator and composer Jonathan Elias admits he won permission to use Morrison's recording from The Doors' legend's estate after calling on the group's producer Paul Rothchild to help him seek out the rare track. He says, "I went to the family through their attorneys and told them about this project, and they agreed to license  it. Being a Jim Morrison fan, I was pretty excited about it."

All proceeds from the album - a sequel to Elias' 1999 release The Prayer Cycle, will benefit anti-nuclear organisation Global Zero.