News from Sinead's management

we want to bring everybody up to date with what is going on with sinead, her record and her live work.     the record, called 'home', is almost finished and sounds fantastic, really special, great vocals and some amazing lyrics.    i am pretty certain, as much as one can be, that everybody - or most people - will be really, really happy with it.    i know sinead is.    there will also be different mixes/rmxs of some of the tracks but i cannot tell you yet who will be doing those except to say that they will bring another musical perspective to the songs.     as you all know, from the earliest days in her career with the 12" rmx of i want your hands on me, featuring m.c. lyte, sinead has had a long and exciting 'tradition' of collaborations and remixes and so on.
there has been lots of toing and froing to london and new york over the past couple of months, playing some of the material to various music people, labels especially, trying to find the right homes for 'home'!     we are reaching the final stages of that lengthy process and relatively soon we will be finalising the ideas for how and when the material will be released in the various different countries around the world.    there have been very positive responses from everyone to whom  the songs have been played - thank goodness - and we are excited by the renewed enthusiasm for sinead and her singing and songwriting.    as you all know, many many things have changed in the big bad world of music, in many countries, especially the 'western' ones but also in asia, there are hardly any record shops, not as many people buy physical cds, many, many more download from itunes, websites, etc.     the power and stranglehold of the major record labels has diminished enormously - no bad thing - there are all sorts of fragmentations going on, many new options to consider with regards to how music is distributed and made available.     all of these changes, and whatever other changes are imminent, mean that the process of actually 'releasing' a new record takes quite some time.     in other words, stick with us, we will get there soon!
with regard to live shows, sinead will be performing, for the first time, some of the new material on july 1, 2 and 3 in manchester, england, at the manchester international festival.     ticket info should be available from the MIF website.
prior to that, there will be some acoustic shows in europe during may and june and after the early july shows, sinead and full band will be playing out around europe across the summer and in nth america later in the year with, probably, some other european shows before the end of this year.     into next year, we will be looking at shows in australia/new zealand, maybe some things in asia, possibly sth america and definitely nth america.    of course, all of this depends on how the record is received because it is a very costly process to put a full band on tour for any extended period of time so, once again, give us a little time to sort things out.
as soon as there is more information available about the 'release' of the new material and about shows, we will of course post it here.   thank you all for being so supportive, its clear from emails and messages that everyone is looking forward to hearing and, hopefully, buying the new songs.     as you can see, there is a demo of one of them, reason with me, posted here.     we will replace with another new song shortly, just so you all can get a glimpse of what the new stuff is sounding like.