Sinead will not be on the Late Late Show

This friday I was supposed to appear on ireland's Late Late show. Sadly I have had to pull out as, during the course of the conversation with the(male) researcher I was asked a number of questions which I found rude, patronising, insulting and disrespectful and which wounded me enormously and showed me it would not be either a safe or respectful environment in which to place my precious self. I value myself too much to allow myself to be so disrespected, patronised, and treated like a 'crazy' person.
I'm sure the show will claim they weren't disrespectful, rude, insulting and patronising, and will do the usual 'oh she's a crazy woman imagining slights which weren't there. They were there and I can honestly say that I have now as a result of that conversation an enormous physical pain in my heart. It is sickening to have it suggested by anyone that I am 'insane' for talking openly about sex. The researcher said to me that since I suffer from depression do I not think its insane behaviour to be talking publicly about sex. I will never as long as I live, consider appearing on the late late show again. And I might add that no apology or act of respect has been issued by either the presenter of the show, nor any one in a leading position on the show. I am tired of all this 'sinead is crazy' crap. Its a disgrace. It has caused me enormous pain in my life as an artist and has many times led me to consider ending my life. Thankfully I have four beautiful reasons not to. Those are my precious children. But no woman should have to walk around feeling like someone has driven a tree through her heart.
I can honestly say that is how I felt since my conversation with the Late Late researcher.
We are still the same old squinting windows Ireland, the type which had women like me in industrial schools. When u start to feel good about ur self, sure enough someone will come and stomp all over your heart with their steel-toed docs, and tell u u deserved it. We are a country which should be spelled without the letter 'O'.