Sinead O'Connor Gets Busy

22. april 2002

Sinéad collaborates with Massive Attack, Moby and Conjure One.

    Although it has been a quiet two years since Sinead O'Connor's Faith and Courage disc, she is about to return, most appropriately, via a trinity of releases. The singer will be heard on new albums from Massive Attack, Moby and Conjure One.
     Massive Attack have recorded four songs with O'Connor and are working on a fifth. "We've done a couple of tracks with Sinead O'Connor which sound really good," the band posts on its Web site. "They're quite a departure for her. Everyone knows how great Sinead is as a singer but she's very versatile as well. She's done two very beautiful songs; one's very political, one more personal. It's been great working with Sinead; she's a very cool person, very sound."
     O'Connor has also recorded vocals for a brand new project from industrial and ambient veteran Rhys Fulber. Fulber ­- who co-founded Frontline Assembly and Delerium with collaborator Bill Leeb ­- is embarking on his first solo project, Conjure One, a disc whose lead single, "Tears From the Moon" features O'Connor as frontwoman. The self-titled Conjure One effort ­- which also features guest vocalists Poe, Israeli vocalist Chemda and Argentinean singer Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - is slated for a July release.
     O'Connor also shows up on Moby's new disc, 18, which is due May 14th. Her track, "Harbour", seems lyrically reflective of September 11th, a quietly orchestral number about an emotional person being overwhelmed by the violence around them.
     The politically active singer also used her voice recently to raise $32,000 for her charity, the Aljeff Treatment Centre (which aids youth with depression and addiction), on the Irish version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.