Pop reviewer Jim Walsh wrote the following about Sinéad's Faith And Courage, explaining why he thinks it is the best album of the year 2000:

My favorite record of the year didn't get a single mention (OutKast, PJ Harvey, and Radiohead were the top vote-getters), so I'm printing my comment about it here, because it bears repeating: Sinead O'Connor's important, huge record "Faith and Courage" was the most intimate listening experience I had all year, but given the nonreaction it was met with, I felt like I had it all by my lonesome. She sang about praying, about striving for inner peace, and in doing so, she sounded like a prophet in the eye of the chaos. But she also sounded desperate, like she had figured out some important stuff that she wanted to share with us, and we shrugged. Shame on us.