Sinead and Today’s Technology

Some people turn to Sinead’s music only on certain days; for instance, when the cold is settling in, or when autumn is around the corner, or after a bad breakup. This is because they only confine Sinead O’Connor with melancholic tunes such as her ever famous Nothing Compares 2 U. Of course, fanatics about her music know that all her albums (The Lion and the Cobra in 1987, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got in 1990, Am I Not Your Girl? in 1992, Universal Mother in 1994, Faith and Courage in 2000, Sean-Nos Nua in 2002, Throw Down Your Arms in 2005, Theology in 2007, and How About I Be Me in 2012) are not as eerily forlorn as what most people think.

Good thing, with the advent of the internet, sites such as YouTube made it possible for people to access videos and music of artists who are as out of the box as Sinead, and researching as well as amusements through online gaming are most conveniently done, for example, through Google and, respectively. Now that smartphones are more of a necessity than a luxury, it’s not uncommon for the owners of these devices to be absorbed in them wherever they are—whether in coffee shops, public transportation, even in social gatherings, there will always be groups who are in Sinead O’Connor’s YouTube Channel, or checking out directions in Google Maps, or waiting for the winning combo in their favorite online gaming hub. It’s good to know that new generations will not be a stranger to great music, especially those which were made before they were born.

In a recent interview by The Guardian, Sinead expressed her appreciation for technology when she was asked to tell a secret. According to her, there’s an upcoming fantastic app that will enable everyone to make a record with the musician of their choice. She says it’s going to change the face of music.