news from fachtna

'hello everyone, another, long delayed, update for you on sinead's activities, plans, etc. etc. it has been a crazy few weeks since i last posted something so i thought i should fill you in on whats been going on and whats not been going on.
okay, i will get straight to the point; the full length, HOME, has been put back again, til early next year. i know, i know, i know, lots of you will be disappointed, frustrated, maybe some even angry, confused, wondering what the F is up. thats exactly what sinead feels also - especially disappointed and frustrated. she, along with all of you, was looking forward to getting out there in the autumn to play the new material live with a brand new band. however, aspirations are one thing, reality another. there are many companies, large and small, who are very excited by the material they have heard from HOME and there have been a number of proposals from those who would like to be partners in the release/distribution process. comments have ranged from 'this is her comeback record' to 'wow, these songs blow me away' and 'now we're talking, this is sinead as i have always loved to hear her'. there have truly been no negatives.
however, because everything about this record, and the reactions, feels so good, i want to make as sure/certain as possible that the partners we chose are as close to being the correct ones as we can get. and that takes time; for instance, one company was highly enthusiastic, was ready to ensure release in early sept., was engaging in detailed discussions about what would happen in individual territories - all very positive and progressive - and then, when i started to actually negotiate the finer, important details, the company decided to withdraw, meaning the deal on offer was a 'take it or leave it.'
another company was ready and willing and enthusiastic to release but wanted the deal finalised first before it would begin to discuss the, again, finer, important detail of what promotion/marketing/etc. campaigns would be undertaken in individual territories. when i pushed them for that information, i was told i was being 'gnarly' which, of course, met with a short, sharp response!
i am telling you all this stuff so you can get an insight into how things are/can be in the music so called business. we are currently making great progress with a couple of other potential partners but i realised a some time ago that there is no point in trying to get HOME out in, lets say, early september just for the sake of having it out by then. we need the proper relationship with the proper company, this record is too good and too important and it deserves the best possible treatment.
so, whether you are disappointed, frustrated, angry, pissed off, etc., i am sorry - and i really mean i am sorry - but circumstances dictate that we will all have to be a little bit more patient. you know that versions of three of the new songs have been posted on this site for the past while back, some people, i noticed, have even put together clips on youtube to go with, especially, take off your shoes and that is fantastic. please continue to be supportive; as i said, sinead is also disappointed but she understands that difficult decisions are sometimes necessary.
On wed, june 22nds, sinead has the first performance of a small number of summer acoustic shows, it is in sofia in bulgaria and will be followed by moscow on june 24 and st. petersburg on june 26. all the acoustic shows will feature versions of some of the songs from HOME plus a somewhat different set of songs from throughout her career. then she will be rehearsing with the brand new electric band for the three shows in manchester, u.k., on july 1, 2 and 3. they are, thankfully, sold out and it will be great the hear some of the new songs with the full band. details of the remainder of the summer shows are here on the website.
thats it for now, thank you for taking the time to read this post and if anybody is really really really feeling nasty about the postponment of the HOME release you can blame me. okay?'