message from fachtna o ceallaigh, sinead's manager;

'i know some or many of you are wondering whats going on with the record, HOME, and with sinead's live performances during the summer and onwards for the rest of the year. we have all been exceptionally busy finalising the record, artwork, arrangements about release in different territories, etc. etc. etc. also, we are right in the middle of redesigning the official website and the new, hopefully improved, version will be up and running in the next couple of weeks.
re the record; it is, as i mentioned before, called HOME and it will be released on sept. 5 with, depending on individual territories, a single coming out in advance of the release date. we are right now concluding arrangements with the partners who will be releasing the record in various parts of the world. there has been, honestly, a fantastic reaction from everyone to the material they have heard with comments such as 'this is the sinead we love' and 'what a comeback' being thrown around. we dont want to get carried away with all this and we know everybody involved is facing an huge amount of hard work over the next six months and more just to make sure that anyone who might be interested knows that there is a new sinead record available. i only hope we can be inspired and creative enough in our work because it really is not good enough anymore to follow the 'traditional' music biz ways of doing things. any input any of you might have with ideas/thoughts is more than welcome.
anyway, re HOME, it is, as they say, all good.

with regard to shows during the summer and onwards, the situation is as follows; sinead is going to do some acoustic shows - a small number - featuring a substantially changed set from the songs she performed acoustically over the past two summers. she will also be unveiling some of the new material, with a full band, on july 1, 2 and 3 at the manchester, u.k., international festival. these are being done in a small capacity venue, 350 seats, and i believe all three shows are now sold out. on sept. 2, she will perform with band at the electric picnic festival in stradbally, co. laois, in ireland. its a great three day event, lovely atmosphere, lots of family stuff going on and also playing are arcade fire, pulp, p.j.harvey, white lies, best coast, santigold, public enemy, chemical bros, interpol, jimmy cliff, lykkie li, etc. etc. try for ticket info, if you are interested.

after that, around sept 22 or so, sinead will embark with her band on a whole series of shows around europe, britain, maybe a couple - for now - in the u.s. and ending up before the end of the year with maybe four shows in ireland. all of these details are still being worked on through her agency, william morris, so please try to be patient and news will be posted as soon as it is available.

the acoustic shows are as follows;

wed. june 22; the national palace of culture, sofia, bulgaria.
fri. june 24; the international house of music, moscow, russia.
sun. june 26; the glav club, st petersburg, russia.

sat. aug. 13; paimpol festival, paimpol, brittany, france.
mon aug 15; paradiso, amsterdam, holland.
tues aug 16; rivierenhof, antwerp, belgium.
thur aug 18; summerstage festival, basel, switzerland.

there may, possibly, be one or two other acoustic shows, maybe in late july but nothing is confirmed yet. once it is, the information will be posted immediately. with regards to ticket information for the acoustic shows, if you google the venues you will get to their websites and ticket buying news will be there.

so, once again, excited, nervous, busy, delighted, anxious - all of these things are the emotions that are running around at the moment. sinead is busy rehearsing for the acoustic shows because there will be a brand new set of songs from throughout her career and she will rehearse, with her new band, in june for the manchester and electric picnic shows. fingers crossed, everything will go to plan and there will be a fantastic reception for the new record and the new songs. thank you all again for your support, sinead treasures all the strength you all continue to give her.'