You wait years for a Sinead O'Connor biography, then...

Saturday Apr 28 2012

The sudden announcement by Sinéad O'Connor that she was leaving the music business not only came a shock to her fans.

It was also a bolt out of the blue for her biographer Olaf Tyaransen.

Hired by the singer last December to pen the first officially sanctioned Sinéad O'Connor biography, Olaf could have competition on his hands from a Sinéad O'Connor book by Sinéad herself.

Because in one of the last tweets before she closed down her Twitter account last Sunday, the 45-year-old revealed she was writing such a memoir.

Rather terrifying news for Olaf, who has been slaving over his own Sinéad book for the past six months.

"There will be a book," a source close to the former Herald hack told me this week.

It seems that after a breakdown in communication between the parties, Olaf's planned tome has gone from an "official" to an "unofficial" Sinéad O'Connor biography.

Given the unprecedented access Olaf was allowed by Sinéad over the past six months, accompanying her on a trip to the US, and providing support after the break-up of her brief marriage to drugs counsellor Barry Herridge, it could well be a controversial volume.

Sinéad had been enjoying critical acclaim for her latest album How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? before she cancelled a world tour -- including a 12-date North American tour, which was to start in Milwaukee on May 12 -- on the advice of doctors

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